Your Story Agency, Your Story Consultant, and Your Studio

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If you are looking for a creative way to get your story into the marketplace, consider submitting your work to a Story Agency. An experienced Story Agency can help you create an engaging original screenplay that has all the elements of a polished film script. Your Story Agency will help screenwriters develop the basic concept and outline their story. Once the basic story structure is developed, an experienced Story Agency will provide consulting and creative direction to ensure that the movie script is written according to marketable standards. 

Your Story Agency

Consultations with a Story Consultant. Your Story Consultant will assist you in the creation and development of the script, and offer invaluable advice concerning plot structure, characterization, dialogue, story line, and themes. A Story Consultant will also determine if you are writing to marketable standards or if you should go back and polish your story. A screenplay ghostwriter can also suggest developmental avenues you may not have thought of. Corporate Video Production

Professional Consulting. The next step is to engage a professional screenplay ghostwriter to help you flesh out your story and develop the appropriate plot structure. With a thorough and in-depth analysis of your story, a top-notch story consultant will help you craft an effective and interesting ending. He/she will also help you outline your story and build your characters and subplots.

Screenplay Ghostwriter. When you hire a screenwriter to collaborate with you on writing the screenplay, you are creating a joint venture – a long-term relationship in which you both share in the profits. You will both be working together on the screenplay, and you will share royalties based on the overall sales of your movie. In addition to sharing in the profits, you can use your story consultant as a marketing tool. A professional screenwriter will be able to give your project a sense of direction and use creative marketing methods to promote the project.

Storyboard Artist. You will also need to create a storyboard to help plan the progression of your film, as well as a storyboard artist to draw all the pictures and outlines for your movie’s characters, locations, and other key elements. Both services can be provided by a professional screenplay ghostwriter or consulting agency. Both services can help move your story towards completion.

Deleted scenes and alternate endings. Depending on how extensive your research, you may discover that you need to trim some scenes or even include an ending you had not originally planned. A good story consultant will be able to work with you to determine the best way to incorporate these deleted scenes. Once you have decided where and how these scenes should be placed in your film, a storyboard artist will draw these scenes and help you place them within your film.

Storyboard and Conceptualization. The final stage of this process will be to collaborate with your storyboard artist and a studio visual Development producer. You will jointly identify a vision for your film, which will guide the conceptualization of the film. The producer will work with a writer or screenplay ghostwriter to write the screenplay, while the designer will conceptualize and create the images needed to flesh out the final film. The two of you will then need to work together to map out your movie’s timeline, budget, and location possibilities.

Creating the Team. When you hire an agency, your story consultant, and studio, you will put your film in the capable hands of experienced professionals. A talented screenwriter or storyboard artist can bring your film to life, but you are ultimately in control of who makes the decisions for your film. As a screenwriter or storyboard artist, you have to know your characters, locations, and other important aspects of your story to best create the film you want. Hiring a company that can provide you with the creative team necessary to bring your idea to life can give you confidence that your story is in capable hands.