Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and tokens: a taxonomy of the new economy

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You do not mix apples and towel s – There are 2 years of this , I proposed to you my attempt to develop a typology of tokens to better define and understand the digital assets. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. Shitcoins have collapsed, exchanges have been hacked and others have taken their respective places within the crypto ecosystem. As the crypto-asset market has changed significantly, I am offering you a new classification of digital assets.

Le Token Classification Framework

Since the emergence of Bitcoin and the crypto-assets that followed, the term most used to designate them remains “cryptocurrencies” . Among them, bitcoin is the asset that has received the most attention.

Cryptocurrencies, crypto-assets, tokens or securities?

Bitcoin is strictly speaking a cryptocurrency , but not all digital assets fall into this category. The majority includes tokens . Semantically speaking, the most appropriate term to define this new class of assets would be that of “crypto-assets” – or crypto-assets . This pitfall is quite common in innovative fields. However, the lack of terminology and clear definitions makes it difficult to speak with nuances and carry out relevant analyzes. To understand and explain all the nuances of this ecosystem, we must therefore analyze it, then classify it.

The same properties and use cases are found in many assets of the crypto ecosystem. These similarities were used to establish a classification of digital assets. However, no typology has yet been adopted and used by all players in the crypto ecosystem . Financial regulators, institutional actors, traders and researchers each have a different perspective on the issue.

The classification of digital assets only caught the authors‘ attention after the wave of ICOs of 2017. Since then, several works of classification of digital assets have been undertaken and, in my opinion, the most successful is the classification system. token (Token Framework Classification) of Thomas Euler .

A model adapted to a protean active class

This multidimensional model forms a decision tree for mapping digital assets according to their characteristics. The first step in this classification was to establish five dimensions for tokens: purpose, utility, legal status, underlying value and technical layer .

Then, in each of these dimensions, a given asset can correspond to one of the 3 sub-dimensions. However, some assets, due to their unique characteristics, may correspond to several sub-dimensions. This is the beauty of cryptophère: assets with unique characteristics offering innovative use cases . Note that some assets may also not have one of the dimensions of the model!

What To Expect From Tampa Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery, also known as maxillofacial surgery, is the specialization of treating the oral cavity and facial bones. The aim of this type of treatment is to enhance the patient’s ability to process and speak. This can be done by correcting misalignment of the teeth, correct pronunciation of speech problems, straighten teeth and restore normal chewing function. Coastal Jaw Surgery

One of the most common types of oral problem is called malocclusion. In this condition, there is an abnormality in the position of the teeth. The patient may have problems chewing food properly and the nerves responsible for this movement may be damaged. The tooth or teeth may even be positioned in an unusual way. When this occurs, the dentist usually tries to realign the teeth and to provide solutions to this problem.

Another kind of oral surgery is done in order to correct the formation of bone spurs around the jaw. These are actually masses of bone that form behind the teeth and are often very visible when a person smiles. The procedure involves removal of these spurs and also the positioning of the jaw so that it will align properly.

A very common problem for some people is called „stagnant fillings“. This is the condition wherein the filling used for filling in broken teeth does not bond with the surface of the teeth. This leads to the formation of white spots on the teeth that are very unattractive and sometimes causes pain when a person smiles. To eliminate this problem, the dentist will usually suggest the patient to have a root canal procedure.

Root canal procedures are often recommended by dentists when other treatments have been unsuccessful. During this procedure, the dentist will remove the existing decay and abscess from inside the mouth. He will also take out any tissues that are blocking the air passage from the mouth. Next, the affected area will be cleaned. When done properly, the procedure should leave the patient with a very pleasant experience. After the procedure, you will only have to apply some antibacterial ointment directly on the gums to help you recover nicely.

In order to keep your teeth healthy, regular checkups are necessary. One way to do this is through x-rays. These are required before a dentist can prescribe any oral treatment. During your visit, the dentist will take several photographs of your teeth. This will help him determine how healthy your teeth are and if there are any problems in them.

Some people may feel uncomfortable going to a Tampa dentist because they fear that he will pull their tooth. But this is not really the case. In fact, many dentists do not pull teeth because it will not solve the problem and will make matters worse. You will only have to deal with it after the procedure. In order to minimize the pain you will experience while having the procedure done, it is important that you let your dentist know about your current dental situation. He can then evaluate how severe your condition is and what the best procedure for your teeth would be.

Even though your teeth may not look perfect now, they can be transformed during an oral surgery. This will allow you to enjoy healthy teeth for years to come. This is especially important if you are in the process of losing teeth. Once you go through this procedure, you will be able to smile at people without feeling self-conscious or ashamed.

When your teeth undergo this procedure, your dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the area. After this, he will make an incision in the gums. After this, he will cut out some of the tooth enamel to help remove them. Then, sutures will be applied to the tooth to help hold everything together. This will help the teeth stay together and will not move around during the next few weeks.

Having this procedure done will leave your teeth looking white and bright. You will also be able to chew your food better. It is even possible that you will be able to open your mouth completely. These benefits will be permanent and will last for the rest of your life. There is no reason to ever go through life with crooked teeth because of some tooth issue that can be easily taken care of using this type of oral surgery.

Your teeth will be feeling a lot better within the first week after the procedure. Within the first two weeks, you will notice that there is some soreness and swelling around the area of the mouth that has been operated on. But, this pain and discomfort are nothing to worry about. All of these are normal after receiving oral surgery at a Tampa dentist office. If you follow your dentist’s advice and schedule the procedure at the right time, then you can enjoy all of these benefits.

Choosing a Dentist

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If you have not been getting the dental care that you need, you should find the right dentist Greenville SC. You can find the right dentist in Greenville by doing a little research. There are many things that you should be aware of if you do not want to waste your time or money for a less then adequate dental care. You should take the time to find a dentist in Greenville who you can trust and a smile makeover will be well worth your time. Heritage Dentistry

You know that there is an emergency dentist in Greenville SC but you do not know where to go when it comes to dental care. You should never feel bad that you are missing a couple of teeth or that you are afraid that you may lose several teeth. dentist Greenville sc does not have to mean that you will be missing teeth. You can get the dental care that you need so that you can feel confident with the smile that you will have. greenville dentist

When you have an emergency dentist in Greenville SC, you will have an emergency dentist that will treat you right away. Greenville is full of great dentists who will help you find the right dentist to help you with the dental problems that you are having. You should always ensure that you give a priority to taking good care of your teeth. If you do this you will be able to avoid a lot of problems.

You should check out the reviews that other people may have written about a dentist in Greenville SC. You will be able to find someone who has been treated by the dentist and they will be able to tell you how they felt about the services that they received. If you have any doubts, you can ask them to describe the services that they received. The dentist that you choose is not always the right dentist for you. You should make sure that you take the time to find the right dentist for you. You will be able to find a dentist that will work well with your dental health needs.

You need to make sure that you take a few minutes to look at the dentist before you make the appointment. Many dentists will offer you free evaluations in order for you to find out if this is the dentist that is going to help you the most. If you go with a dentist who does not offer you a free dental exam, you could spend a lot of money without getting the best treatment possible. You will want to make sure that you are able to see the office of the dentist when you need their services. There are many procedures that a dentist can perform on you without even requiring you to go to the office.

You should also make sure that you are comfortable with the staff of the dentist that is treating you. Greenville SC has dentists that are very qualified, but they are not all the same. You should make sure that the person that is working with you is able to make your visit as comfortable as possible. You should know how to get a hold of the dentist and you should know how to make sure that you are able to ask any questions that you might have while the dentist is working on you.

Another thing that you should check into is how long the dentist has been practicing. You should be able to find information about the dentist’s experience and you should know what the dentist’s qualifications are. It is important to make sure that you choose a dentist who is able to handle whatever problem that you might have. You should also make sure that you are choosing a dentist that is willing to explain to you what they will be doing during your procedure.

Greenville SC dentist’s are able to help you with a variety of procedures. There are many different types of procedures that they can do including cleaning, filling, and other things. You should make sure that you are choosing a dentist that you are happy with. This is an important decision because it is something that you should not go wrong with and you want a dentist that you are comfortable with.

The Cherrydale Family Dental Office

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Cherrydale Family Dental specializes in family dental care. This practice specializes in taking care of the entire family, instead of concentrating on just one patient. The dentist provides complete basic and advanced dental care for all the members of the family. The family-oriented dental practice has dentists who have more than 30 years of experience. All the members of the family are taken care of by the same dentist. arlington dentist

The dental office provides a broad range of general dentistry services including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry and periodontal dentistry. Cherrydale Family Dental has been approved by the American Dental Association. It has an orthodontist or a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry or has an orthodontic degree. They have an oral surgeon who has performed many procedures in different parts of the world. These surgeons are fully trained, experienced and accredited in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures. They also provide comprehensive oral health services, such as routine oral exams, fluoride treatments, gum care and screening for serious dental conditions. dentist in arlington va

The office provides a full range of general dentistry services like sedation dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, and specialty dentists who have specific training and expertise in their respective fields. A full array of other dental services is also available. The practice also offers a full range of restorative dentists to care for patients with various types of restorations.

The office offers the most comprehensive range of cosmetic dentists in the Arlington area. In their five offices located throughout the city, they cater to patients with a variety of different needs. These includes patients who have done work in the Arlington area but need a few cosmetic dentists to do some necessary work. Some residents may be moving to the Arlington area permanently, while others may just be relocating for an extended vacation. The cosmetic dentists in this office can handle all sorts of situations.

The Cherrydale family dental office is able to handle all sorts of patients. This includes those who just need a simple filling. This can be done right in the office by a local dentist. Or, they can provide other types of services that can help people maintain the smile they’ve always wanted. Some services include braces and bonding, and even other types of restorative dentists can provide.

These dentists also offer treatment for pre-existing conditions. In the Cherrydale family, this doesn’t mean that there are problems with your teeth that you need to get fixed. It simply means that you probably have some missing or broken teeth, and a dentist can help you restore them so that your smile looks its best. You will also receive any necessary orthodontics treatment, such as braces and invisalign. You will also be given a full examination and some x-rays and will receive any treatment that is recommended for whatever type of dental problem you have.

The Cherrydale family dental office is very professional in how they do business. They want you to feel comfortable and to know that you will be taken care of properly in their office. They want you to feel confident about the dentist you see and the services that they provide. In order to accomplish this, they keep their office very clean. All dental equipment is used very cleanly, and they do not use anything that could leave bacteria behind.

The Cherrydale family dental office wants you to have a good experience with them. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and treats each patient with dignity and respect. They are always willing to work closely with you, answer any questions you have, and make sure you are comfortable before, during, and after your treatment. They are willing to provide you with a complete listing of all of the services they offer so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Periodontist Dallas – Finding A Doctor Who Specializes in Periodontal Care

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A periodontist is a dental specialist who has received formal training and is licensed in the state to practice dentistry. Periodontists perform a variety of procedures that help maintain the oral health of patients. This includes helping to remove existing disease and repairing damaged teeth. They also can provide prevention and treatment for gum disease and periodontitis. 

dallas periodontist

A periodontist can provide basic treatments that can be performed at the dental office or done at the periodontist’s office. These include cleaning, removing plaque, scaling and root planing. The periodontist is also able to treat mild injuries to the gums and teeth that do not require medical attention. These types of services are generally covered by a patient’s insurance policy.

The training requirements for a periodontist degree vary from state to state. A person must successfully pass both a college degree and a dental exam. The degree will generally be a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a DMD. Both degrees require that a periodontist has a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery. Many dentists who are interested in becoming a periodontist choose to go on to become DDSs.

The typical tasks of a periodontist include performing basic oral health screening, cleaning, cutting and treating roots and tissue damaged from periodontal diseases. A periodontist plays an important role in the prevention of gum disease and restoring oral health. They are involved in every step of the dental process, from the diagnosis to the treatment of various diseases. Oral surgeons perform surgeries that are required to extract diseased teeth. Most periodontist doctors perform surgeries as well, but their primary focus is the extraction and prevention of periodontal diseases.

There are a variety of positions available in this field. In Dallas, there are many private practices of periodontists, and they specialize in a particular field of dentistry. Many public hospitals and clinics also offer periodontal services to their patients. Some dentist offices and surgical centers are also offering this type of dental care to their patients. In addition to the private practitioners practicing in the Dallas area, there are other medical professionals in the area who are offering this type of specialized medical care.

The average salary for a periodontist in Dallas is around forty thousand dollars a year. This amount is highly competitive in the dental field. Other dental professionals who are highly qualified to work as periodontists include dental hygienists and dental assistants. Dentists may belong to a professional association such as the American Dental Assistants Association. These associations also provide scholarships to aspiring dental professionals.

If someone living in the Dallas area is interested in becoming a periodontist, there are many schools, clinics and organizations that will help them obtain their degree. After earning their degree, many people begin to practice in the area as periodontists. The job field is particularly competitive in the United States. Many graduates leave the dental profession after only a few years to take up positions in other countries, such as England or Japan.

If you live in the Dallas area and are interested in this type of specialized medical career, then you can get more information on the Internet about the different dentists who practice in the area. You can also find out about specific details about the various dentists‘ offices in the Dallas area. If you have any questions, then you can call the offices of the periodontist Dallas. These professionals are knowledgeable about their business and can give you all the information you need. They can help you decide if this type of specialized medical care is right for you.

How to Choose the Best Chiropractor for Your Health Care Needs

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Finding the best chiropractor in your area is a simple task. It just requires you to know what to look for. Chiropractors are professionals who can help treat and relieve many common ailments like back pain, neck pain, and even migraines and menstrual pain. It is not unusual to have spinal adjustments, x-rays, or other diagnostic procedures done by chiropractors. In fact, many people today to schedule their doctor’s office appointments and chiropractic care services shortly after being seen.

To find the best chiropractor for your needs, it pays to take some time first to visit a few different local chiropractic offices. One of the best things about going to a chiropractic clinic is that there are typically so many options available for treatment, so no one will be stuck with just one type of treatment. However, if you live in an area where there is limited or no choice in the matter, you may need to look elsewhere first. There are several places that are known for offering comprehensive care including wellness programs and physicals.

A good chiropractor should also offer treatment plans that are flexible and realistic. The best chiropractors will first discuss the cause of your problem with you before they begin working on your spine. Some common conditions treated at a chiropractic care facility include sports injuries, spinal nerve issues, and neuromusculoskeletal issues. Many chiropractors use the hands of well-trained therapists along with their chiropractic care techniques to help patients overcome challenges in their lives. They may also recommend other therapies such as massage and other alternative methods of healing the body.

Before you select a chiropractor, make sure he or she is licensed and has the best training for treating spinal misalignment. A number of states require that licensed chiropractors undertake national certification courses in chiropractic care and x-ray technology. It is best to first locate a local chiropractic care facility where you feel comfortable. The first place you should visit is the facility’s main office, which is where the staff will explain the different therapies they can provide you with.

Although you should first visit the office of the best chiropractor, you should also visit the office of your primary health care provider. Your primary care physician should be able to evaluate your spine and explain the chiropractic care methods you can use to treat your spine. If your primary care physician does not feel comfortable with your initial visit, he or she may refer you to a chiropractic care facility or recommend someone who can. In the event that you visit a chiropractor who you feel comfortable with, he or she should explain the different treatments available to you.

It is very important for you to find a chiropractor who you feel comfortable with. There is no point in seeking care from a chiropractor who you do not feel good about him or her. A good chiropractor should be able to build a long lasting and trusting relationship with their patients. Before your first session, you should have the chance to discuss any health care concerns you have with the chiropractor. He or she should be willing to answer questions you may have.

Once you have made an appointment with the best chiropractor near you, he or she should start by examining your spine and assessing how your spine is functioning. During the first visit, the chiropractor should start by realigning any problems in your spine. After determining what problem you are trying to correct, he or she should target specific areas of your spine by realigning them. During your first visit, the chiropractor may ask you to perform a number of tests such as a measurement of your range of motion, the results of which will help him or her determine what areas of your spine need to be fixed.

Once the chiropractor has fixed your spine, he or she should then target other areas to help improve other areas of your health care. It is important that you work well with the chiropractor so that you get the best chiropractor care possible. If you do not feel comfortable with the chiropractor or your first session, find someone else who does. A good chiropractor can make you feel relaxed and stress free during your visit. If you have any reservations about the treatment plan, talk to the doctor before the first session so that you can get the information you need to know if you are a good candidate or not. The chiropractor can help you achieve your goals for better health care by finding the right fit for you.

How to succeed in the cryptocurrency revolution? Here is Serum, the antidote that frees trading!

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The cryptocurrency market is all the rage. Beyond the original ideals, often overlooked in the name of efficiency and profit, it is difficult to always find how to reconcile crypto-monetary passion and strong convictions linked to decentralization. However, if centralized exchanges still occupy a preponderant place in the ecosystem, some projects want to combine efficiency, user experience and the values of the original cryptosphere. Today, I present to you Serum, the DEX who wants to change the game!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Serum.

When trading wants to break free

You know them, even if you haven’t yet dared to venture there : decentralized exchanges ( DEXs ) are showing staggering growth in this year 2020 … yet, they are still far from being able to compete with the heavyweights in the sector, such as Binance and Coinbase. It must be said that their potential adoption is slowed down in particular by their often convoluted operation , the difficulties of handling encountered by users, or theirlack of functionality – compared to the ease of use that characterizes benchmark platforms.

But what if I told you that it could well be that a real challenger has finally made his entry into the big leagues ? Determined to do battle and take the victory , here is Serum !

A team led by the best, for a successful bet

And Serum does not come out of nowhere: it is indeed a shock team led by the thinking head of FTX who took the bet to launch the project. The unspeakable Sam Bankman-Fried is therefore in the game, he who has already succeeded in making FTX one of the benchmarks in the sector , while the exchange was still a relative unknown to the battalion in December 2019 when Binance came there. take a substantial stake.

But the boss of FTX is naturally not alone on board : he surrounded himself with a team made up of the finest triggers of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also and above all employees with recognized expertise well beyond. of this emerging sphere: the project is for example developed by Anatoly Yakovenko , who dragged his gaiters to the historic DropBox ; or by Jeff Levy , a little genius who cut his teeth at the giant Google !

And the result is simply stunning !

The Solana blockchain, the foundation of a crypto-centric future?

Based on a Proof of Stake architecture , the Solana blockchain makes it possible to combine both the non-custodial aspect dear to the greatest crypto experts and the security desired and usually offered by only centralized exchanges .

It is out of the question to compromise with the ideals of decentralization , on the pretext of better performance ! No, with Solana you want the best of both worlds, and you get it ! But how ?

Thanks to a cutting-edge infrastructure that introduces a new paradigm in cryptocurrency: Proof-of-History. Thus, there is no longer any need to be limited by the usual blocks of historical blockchains – in size or in validation time – , since it is indeed each of the transactions that will be very specifically time-stamped automatically during its transmission , to be entered in a second time in the large time clock of the Solana blockchain . What interest ? Well at the same time that of offeringalmost instant confirmations (a capacity of 60,000 transactions per second is announced!), but also at simply laughable costs ! Realize, with Solana, it is possible to validate a million transactions on the fly , for the modest sum of $ 20 paid to network validators.

Serum is therefore the possibility for anyone to deploy their own fully decentralized exchange , built on the revolution that is Solana . Obviously, the goal is also to be able to interact with all the other DEX Serums launched by other crypto-explorers, but also with the largest renowned exchanges that are partners of the project. And all the power of Serum project does not stop there: in fact, Solana offers features very advanced but highly accessible and automated , allowing interoperability total between the different blockchains of the ecosystem. But what for, you will tell me? Well, quite simply allow you to interact with all the most famous cryptocurrencies , but without being subject to the risks of congestion of their original networks and at their sometimes delusional costs !

The Basics of Criminal Defense Law

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A criminal defense attorney is generally a lawyer (usually law-professors) specializing in the representation of companies and individuals charged with criminal offense. Often a lawyer will specialize in a specialized area within the field of criminal law, such as DUI or drug defense. However, no matter what area of law he or she practices, a criminal lawyer must be licensed by the State Bar of California and must have at least five years of experience working as an attorney before filing an application to become a criminal defense attorney. 

Seyb Law Group

Most criminal cases are resolved by plea bargains that require the defendant to enter a plea of not guilty. If the prosecutor and defense agree on a sentence after a court, the court then assigns a defendant’s case to a court-appointed attorney or law-firm for their services, which is called a „criminal defense attorney.“

Each state has its own rules and regulations on who can practice as an attorney in that state. Generally, the laws and rules that apply to practice law do not apply to a criminal attorney. However, many states require a certain level of educational background on attorneys before granting them the right to practice. It is also important to note that lawyers who are members of the bar are automatically granted the right to practice law in the jurisdiction where they practice law.

The California Bar Association sets strict requirements for lawyers practicing in the state. In most cases, the requirements for becoming a criminal defense attorney include: having a law degree from an approved university, passing the bar exam, and at least five years of experience in the area of criminal law in the State of California. In addition to the above criteria, a criminal defense attorney should also have experience representing clients who have been charged with offenses in the same jurisdiction as their own case and have completed some type of litigation training such as litigation law, or have received advanced degrees in criminal law.

As with all forms of law, a criminal defense attorney is typically required to have the services of two attorneys when he or she is facing multiple criminal cases, so if the attorney in question only handles one case, it’s important that both attorneys are present at the hearing to make sure their case gets heard and defended. In addition, the criminal attorney should be able to get information about the case that other attorneys may not have.

In addition to the above requirements, criminal attorneys must have experience handling many types of cases, including domestic violence, murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, fraud, arson, grand theft, fraud, drug possession, drug manufacturing, robbery, DUI, driving under influence, grand theft auto, burglary, grand theft auto, and burglary. Additionally, he or she should be able to handle all kinds of criminal defenses, and know how to defend them in court.

Criminal attorneys are required to keep detailed records of their clients. These documents are called „discovery“ files, which includes any evidence that the attorney uncovered to help secure their client’s freedom.

Most discovery files contain information such as interrogatories and depositions, as well as trial transcripts, police reports, any exhibits, witness testimony, and any other documents that are related to the case that are not considered privileged. The attorney is usually also required to obtain a search warrant before opening any documents that are deemed discovery materials. It’s important to remember that there are strict rules and regulations that govern the use of the discovery material that is not privileged, and that there may be limitations on the amount of time that a criminal attorney can use certain discovery materials to prepare their own case.

Los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin alcanzan su máximo nivel anual, después de volver a los niveles anteriores a la tala.

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Los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin han superado los 20 millones de dólares por día, su nivel más alto este año.

Las métricas clave de la cadena, como los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin, han vuelto a los niveles anteriores a la destrucción, según una investigación reciente.

Los datos del proveedor de análisis, Glassnode, sugieren que los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin han vuelto a los mismos niveles que cuando las recompensas de los bloques eran el doble de lo que son ahora.

Cuando la reducción a la mitad tuvo lugar a mediados de mayo, los precios de BTC estaban alrededor de 9.000 dólares. El 18 de noviembre se habían duplicado a 18.000 dólares, lo que sugiere una correlación, ya que los mineros necesitan vender lo suficiente del activo para cubrir sus gastos y seguir obteniendo beneficios. Precios más altos significan mayores ganancias., que hace un seguimiento del valor total de las recompensas de los bloques de monedas y de los honorarios de transacción pagados a los mineros confirma los hallazgos.

La cifra de ingresos diarios, que incluye las recompensas en bloque y los honorarios de transacción, para el 18 de noviembre fue de 21,2 millones de dólares, la más alta de un año. El pico anterior fue el 6 de mayo cuando alcanzó los 20,6 millones de dólares. Después de la reducción a la mitad, que bajó las recompensas en bloque de 12,5 BTC a 6,25 BTC, los ingresos se desplomaron a poco más de 7 millones de dólares por día.

Los ingresos de la minería sufrieron una caída anterior el 18 de marzo de este año tras la caída del mercado criptográfico inducida por la pandemia que eliminó el 45% del precio de Bitcoin en menos de una semana. Cuando los ingresos de la minería caen abruptamente, los mineros sobreapalancados pueden empezar a capitular debido a las condiciones desfavorables del mercado.

Lo contrario parece estar sucediendo en este momento, ya que los precios se acercan a su máximo histórico.

Otro factor que indica que la red es saludable y los mineros están contentos es la tasa de hachís, que ahora está a sólo un 10% de su nivel más alto.

Tras el final de la temporada de lluvias en China, donde tiene lugar la mayor parte de la minería de Bitcoin, las plataformas fueron apagadas en preparación para su reubicación a medida que la energía hidroeléctrica barata se secaba. Esto resultó en una caída estacional de la tasa de hachís del 37%, por debajo de 98 Exahashes por segundo.

Desde entonces, la tasa de hachís – que muchos creen que está correlacionada con los precios – se ha recuperado hasta 143,4 EH/s que no está lejos de su pico de mediados de octubre de 157,6 EH/s según

Las cifras actuales de ingresos de la minería y la recuperación de la tasa de hachís son un buen augurio para la continuación del mercado alcista que puede llevar a los precios de Bitcoin a un nuevo máximo histórico antes de finales de año.

Market Watch: Bitcoin terug op $ 15K terwijl cryptomarkten $ 30 miljard verloren na de overwinning van Biden

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De officiële overwinning van Joe Biden heeft de cryptomarkt naar het zuiden gedreven. Ondanks een mooi herstel is Bitcoin onder de $ 15.000 getankt, terwijl de altcoins in het rood zijn begraven.

De officiële verkiezing van Joe Biden tot de 46e Amerikaanse president resulteerde in een scherpe duikvlucht voor Bitcoin en de rest van de cryptocurrency-markt. Terwijl BTC op het laagste punt van zaterdag dumpte naar een dieptepunt van $ 14.350, verloor de totale marktkapitalisatie gisteren op een gegeven moment bijna $ 30 miljard.

Biden’s verkiezing dreef BTC omlaag?

De afgelopen week was behoorlijk indrukwekkend voor Bitcoin Era. De primaire cryptocurrency ging de verkiezingsdag op 3 november binnen voor ongeveer $ 13.300. De onzekerheid die daarop volgde, dreef het actief naar een nieuw jaarlijks hoogtepunt van bijna $ 16.000. Dit was ook het hoogste prijsniveau dat BTC sinds januari 2018 had geregistreerd.

Na zijn hoogtepunt keerde Bitcoin enigszins terug, maar bleef het handelen boven de $ 15.000. De situatie veranderde gisteren echter nadat de officiële aankondiging brak dat de voormalige vice-president Joe Biden de zittende Amerikaanse president Donald Trump heeft verslagen en in januari 2021 aantreedt.

Zoals CryptoPotato meldde , reageerde BTC met een krachtige prijsdip , wat resulteerde in een intraday-dieptepunt van $ 14.350 (op Bitstamp). Een klassiek „koop het gerucht, verkoop het nieuws“ -evenement.

Bitcoin heeft sindsdien het grootste deel van zijn verliezen goedgemaakt en flirt momenteel met het niveau van $ 15.000. Toch is dit nog steeds een daling van 3% op 24-uurs schaal.

Slechts een dag na het in kaart brengen van indrukwekkende twee- en zelfs driecijferige prijspompen, zijn de meeste altcoins sterk gedaald ten opzichte van hun USD-waarde.

Gisteren sprong Ethereum sinds begin september naar zijn nieuwe hoogtepunt op $ 470. In de volgende uren daalde ETH naar $ 425. Hoewel het terug is gestegen tot $ 440, is ETH nog steeds met bijna 5% gedaald.

De daling van Ripple is vergelijkbaar op een 24-uursschaal en XRP heeft moeite om boven de $ 0,25 te blijven

Bitcoin Cash (-5%), Binance Coin (-4%), Chainlink (-8,5%), Polkadot (-8,5%), Cardano (-8%) en Litecoin (-7%) staan allemaal diep in het rood .

Zoals verwacht, vertoonden de altcoins met een lagere cap een nog hogere volatiliteit. Energy Web Token is met 12% gedaald, ABBC Coin (-11%), Solana (-10,5%), Compound (-10%), Algorand (-10%) en Ren (-10%) hebben allemaal dubbel verloren cijferpercentages.

Over het algemeen is de cumulatieve marktkapitalisatie van alle cryptocurrency-activa gedaald van $ 450 miljard naar $ 433 miljard. Bovendien toonde het slechts een paar uur geleden $ 423 miljard.

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