How to Choose the Best Chiropractor for Your Health Care Needs

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Finding the best chiropractor in your area is a simple task. It just requires you to know what to look for. Chiropractors are professionals who can help treat and relieve many common ailments like back pain, neck pain, and even migraines and menstrual pain. It is not unusual to have spinal adjustments, x-rays, or other diagnostic procedures done by chiropractors. In fact, many people today to schedule their doctor’s office appointments and chiropractic care services shortly after being seen.

To find the best chiropractor for your needs, it pays to take some time first to visit a few different local chiropractic offices. One of the best things about going to a chiropractic clinic is that there are typically so many options available for treatment, so no one will be stuck with just one type of treatment. However, if you live in an area where there is limited or no choice in the matter, you may need to look elsewhere first. There are several places that are known for offering comprehensive care including wellness programs and physicals.

A good chiropractor should also offer treatment plans that are flexible and realistic. The best chiropractors will first discuss the cause of your problem with you before they begin working on your spine. Some common conditions treated at a chiropractic care facility include sports injuries, spinal nerve issues, and neuromusculoskeletal issues. Many chiropractors use the hands of well-trained therapists along with their chiropractic care techniques to help patients overcome challenges in their lives. They may also recommend other therapies such as massage and other alternative methods of healing the body.

Before you select a chiropractor, make sure he or she is licensed and has the best training for treating spinal misalignment. A number of states require that licensed chiropractors undertake national certification courses in chiropractic care and x-ray technology. It is best to first locate a local chiropractic care facility where you feel comfortable. The first place you should visit is the facility’s main office, which is where the staff will explain the different therapies they can provide you with.

Although you should first visit the office of the best chiropractor, you should also visit the office of your primary health care provider. Your primary care physician should be able to evaluate your spine and explain the chiropractic care methods you can use to treat your spine. If your primary care physician does not feel comfortable with your initial visit, he or she may refer you to a chiropractic care facility or recommend someone who can. In the event that you visit a chiropractor who you feel comfortable with, he or she should explain the different treatments available to you.

It is very important for you to find a chiropractor who you feel comfortable with. There is no point in seeking care from a chiropractor who you do not feel good about him or her. A good chiropractor should be able to build a long lasting and trusting relationship with their patients. Before your first session, you should have the chance to discuss any health care concerns you have with the chiropractor. He or she should be willing to answer questions you may have.

Once you have made an appointment with the best chiropractor near you, he or she should start by examining your spine and assessing how your spine is functioning. During the first visit, the chiropractor should start by realigning any problems in your spine. After determining what problem you are trying to correct, he or she should target specific areas of your spine by realigning them. During your first visit, the chiropractor may ask you to perform a number of tests such as a measurement of your range of motion, the results of which will help him or her determine what areas of your spine need to be fixed.

Once the chiropractor has fixed your spine, he or she should then target other areas to help improve other areas of your health care. It is important that you work well with the chiropractor so that you get the best chiropractor care possible. If you do not feel comfortable with the chiropractor or your first session, find someone else who does. A good chiropractor can make you feel relaxed and stress free during your visit. If you have any reservations about the treatment plan, talk to the doctor before the first session so that you can get the information you need to know if you are a good candidate or not. The chiropractor can help you achieve your goals for better health care by finding the right fit for you.

How to succeed in the cryptocurrency revolution? Here is Serum, the antidote that frees trading!

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The cryptocurrency market is all the rage. Beyond the original ideals, often overlooked in the name of efficiency and profit, it is difficult to always find how to reconcile crypto-monetary passion and strong convictions linked to decentralization. However, if centralized exchanges still occupy a preponderant place in the ecosystem, some projects want to combine efficiency, user experience and the values of the original cryptosphere. Today, I present to you Serum, the DEX who wants to change the game!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Serum.

When trading wants to break free

You know them, even if you haven’t yet dared to venture there : decentralized exchanges ( DEXs ) are showing staggering growth in this year 2020 … yet, they are still far from being able to compete with the heavyweights in the sector, such as Binance and Coinbase. It must be said that their potential adoption is slowed down in particular by their often convoluted operation , the difficulties of handling encountered by users, or theirlack of functionality – compared to the ease of use that characterizes benchmark platforms.

But what if I told you that it could well be that a real challenger has finally made his entry into the big leagues ? Determined to do battle and take the victory , here is Serum !

A team led by the best, for a successful bet

And Serum does not come out of nowhere: it is indeed a shock team led by the thinking head of FTX who took the bet to launch the project. The unspeakable Sam Bankman-Fried is therefore in the game, he who has already succeeded in making FTX one of the benchmarks in the sector , while the exchange was still a relative unknown to the battalion in December 2019 when Binance came there. take a substantial stake.

But the boss of FTX is naturally not alone on board : he surrounded himself with a team made up of the finest triggers of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also and above all employees with recognized expertise well beyond. of this emerging sphere: the project is for example developed by Anatoly Yakovenko , who dragged his gaiters to the historic DropBox ; or by Jeff Levy , a little genius who cut his teeth at the giant Google !

And the result is simply stunning !

The Solana blockchain, the foundation of a crypto-centric future?

Based on a Proof of Stake architecture , the Solana blockchain makes it possible to combine both the non-custodial aspect dear to the greatest crypto experts and the security desired and usually offered by only centralized exchanges .

It is out of the question to compromise with the ideals of decentralization , on the pretext of better performance ! No, with Solana you want the best of both worlds, and you get it ! But how ?

Thanks to a cutting-edge infrastructure that introduces a new paradigm in cryptocurrency: Proof-of-History. Thus, there is no longer any need to be limited by the usual blocks of historical blockchains – in size or in validation time – , since it is indeed each of the transactions that will be very specifically time-stamped automatically during its transmission , to be entered in a second time in the large time clock of the Solana blockchain . What interest ? Well at the same time that of offeringalmost instant confirmations (a capacity of 60,000 transactions per second is announced!), but also at simply laughable costs ! Realize, with Solana, it is possible to validate a million transactions on the fly , for the modest sum of $ 20 paid to network validators.

Serum is therefore the possibility for anyone to deploy their own fully decentralized exchange , built on the revolution that is Solana . Obviously, the goal is also to be able to interact with all the other DEX Serums launched by other crypto-explorers, but also with the largest renowned exchanges that are partners of the project. And all the power of Serum project does not stop there: in fact, Solana offers features very advanced but highly accessible and automated , allowing interoperability total between the different blockchains of the ecosystem. But what for, you will tell me? Well, quite simply allow you to interact with all the most famous cryptocurrencies , but without being subject to the risks of congestion of their original networks and at their sometimes delusional costs !

The Basics of Criminal Defense Law

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A criminal defense attorney is generally a lawyer (usually law-professors) specializing in the representation of companies and individuals charged with criminal offense. Often a lawyer will specialize in a specialized area within the field of criminal law, such as DUI or drug defense. However, no matter what area of law he or she practices, a criminal lawyer must be licensed by the State Bar of California and must have at least five years of experience working as an attorney before filing an application to become a criminal defense attorney. 

Seyb Law Group

Most criminal cases are resolved by plea bargains that require the defendant to enter a plea of not guilty. If the prosecutor and defense agree on a sentence after a court, the court then assigns a defendant’s case to a court-appointed attorney or law-firm for their services, which is called a „criminal defense attorney.“

Each state has its own rules and regulations on who can practice as an attorney in that state. Generally, the laws and rules that apply to practice law do not apply to a criminal attorney. However, many states require a certain level of educational background on attorneys before granting them the right to practice. It is also important to note that lawyers who are members of the bar are automatically granted the right to practice law in the jurisdiction where they practice law.

The California Bar Association sets strict requirements for lawyers practicing in the state. In most cases, the requirements for becoming a criminal defense attorney include: having a law degree from an approved university, passing the bar exam, and at least five years of experience in the area of criminal law in the State of California. In addition to the above criteria, a criminal defense attorney should also have experience representing clients who have been charged with offenses in the same jurisdiction as their own case and have completed some type of litigation training such as litigation law, or have received advanced degrees in criminal law.

As with all forms of law, a criminal defense attorney is typically required to have the services of two attorneys when he or she is facing multiple criminal cases, so if the attorney in question only handles one case, it’s important that both attorneys are present at the hearing to make sure their case gets heard and defended. In addition, the criminal attorney should be able to get information about the case that other attorneys may not have.

In addition to the above requirements, criminal attorneys must have experience handling many types of cases, including domestic violence, murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, fraud, arson, grand theft, fraud, drug possession, drug manufacturing, robbery, DUI, driving under influence, grand theft auto, burglary, grand theft auto, and burglary. Additionally, he or she should be able to handle all kinds of criminal defenses, and know how to defend them in court.

Criminal attorneys are required to keep detailed records of their clients. These documents are called „discovery“ files, which includes any evidence that the attorney uncovered to help secure their client’s freedom.

Most discovery files contain information such as interrogatories and depositions, as well as trial transcripts, police reports, any exhibits, witness testimony, and any other documents that are related to the case that are not considered privileged. The attorney is usually also required to obtain a search warrant before opening any documents that are deemed discovery materials. It’s important to remember that there are strict rules and regulations that govern the use of the discovery material that is not privileged, and that there may be limitations on the amount of time that a criminal attorney can use certain discovery materials to prepare their own case.

Los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin alcanzan su máximo nivel anual, después de volver a los niveles anteriores a la tala.

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Los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin han superado los 20 millones de dólares por día, su nivel más alto este año.

Las métricas clave de la cadena, como los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin, han vuelto a los niveles anteriores a la destrucción, según una investigación reciente.

Los datos del proveedor de análisis, Glassnode, sugieren que los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin han vuelto a los mismos niveles que cuando las recompensas de los bloques eran el doble de lo que son ahora.

Cuando la reducción a la mitad tuvo lugar a mediados de mayo, los precios de BTC estaban alrededor de 9.000 dólares. El 18 de noviembre se habían duplicado a 18.000 dólares, lo que sugiere una correlación, ya que los mineros necesitan vender lo suficiente del activo para cubrir sus gastos y seguir obteniendo beneficios. Precios más altos significan mayores ganancias., que hace un seguimiento del valor total de las recompensas de los bloques de monedas y de los honorarios de transacción pagados a los mineros confirma los hallazgos.

La cifra de ingresos diarios, que incluye las recompensas en bloque y los honorarios de transacción, para el 18 de noviembre fue de 21,2 millones de dólares, la más alta de un año. El pico anterior fue el 6 de mayo cuando alcanzó los 20,6 millones de dólares. Después de la reducción a la mitad, que bajó las recompensas en bloque de 12,5 BTC a 6,25 BTC, los ingresos se desplomaron a poco más de 7 millones de dólares por día.

Los ingresos de la minería sufrieron una caída anterior el 18 de marzo de este año tras la caída del mercado criptográfico inducida por la pandemia que eliminó el 45% del precio de Bitcoin en menos de una semana. Cuando los ingresos de la minería caen abruptamente, los mineros sobreapalancados pueden empezar a capitular debido a las condiciones desfavorables del mercado.

Lo contrario parece estar sucediendo en este momento, ya que los precios se acercan a su máximo histórico.

Otro factor que indica que la red es saludable y los mineros están contentos es la tasa de hachís, que ahora está a sólo un 10% de su nivel más alto.

Tras el final de la temporada de lluvias en China, donde tiene lugar la mayor parte de la minería de Bitcoin, las plataformas fueron apagadas en preparación para su reubicación a medida que la energía hidroeléctrica barata se secaba. Esto resultó en una caída estacional de la tasa de hachís del 37%, por debajo de 98 Exahashes por segundo.

Desde entonces, la tasa de hachís – que muchos creen que está correlacionada con los precios – se ha recuperado hasta 143,4 EH/s que no está lejos de su pico de mediados de octubre de 157,6 EH/s según

Las cifras actuales de ingresos de la minería y la recuperación de la tasa de hachís son un buen augurio para la continuación del mercado alcista que puede llevar a los precios de Bitcoin a un nuevo máximo histórico antes de finales de año.

Market Watch: Bitcoin terug op $ 15K terwijl cryptomarkten $ 30 miljard verloren na de overwinning van Biden

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De officiële overwinning van Joe Biden heeft de cryptomarkt naar het zuiden gedreven. Ondanks een mooi herstel is Bitcoin onder de $ 15.000 getankt, terwijl de altcoins in het rood zijn begraven.

De officiële verkiezing van Joe Biden tot de 46e Amerikaanse president resulteerde in een scherpe duikvlucht voor Bitcoin en de rest van de cryptocurrency-markt. Terwijl BTC op het laagste punt van zaterdag dumpte naar een dieptepunt van $ 14.350, verloor de totale marktkapitalisatie gisteren op een gegeven moment bijna $ 30 miljard.

Biden’s verkiezing dreef BTC omlaag?

De afgelopen week was behoorlijk indrukwekkend voor Bitcoin Era. De primaire cryptocurrency ging de verkiezingsdag op 3 november binnen voor ongeveer $ 13.300. De onzekerheid die daarop volgde, dreef het actief naar een nieuw jaarlijks hoogtepunt van bijna $ 16.000. Dit was ook het hoogste prijsniveau dat BTC sinds januari 2018 had geregistreerd.

Na zijn hoogtepunt keerde Bitcoin enigszins terug, maar bleef het handelen boven de $ 15.000. De situatie veranderde gisteren echter nadat de officiële aankondiging brak dat de voormalige vice-president Joe Biden de zittende Amerikaanse president Donald Trump heeft verslagen en in januari 2021 aantreedt.

Zoals CryptoPotato meldde , reageerde BTC met een krachtige prijsdip , wat resulteerde in een intraday-dieptepunt van $ 14.350 (op Bitstamp). Een klassiek „koop het gerucht, verkoop het nieuws“ -evenement.

Bitcoin heeft sindsdien het grootste deel van zijn verliezen goedgemaakt en flirt momenteel met het niveau van $ 15.000. Toch is dit nog steeds een daling van 3% op 24-uurs schaal.

Slechts een dag na het in kaart brengen van indrukwekkende twee- en zelfs driecijferige prijspompen, zijn de meeste altcoins sterk gedaald ten opzichte van hun USD-waarde.

Gisteren sprong Ethereum sinds begin september naar zijn nieuwe hoogtepunt op $ 470. In de volgende uren daalde ETH naar $ 425. Hoewel het terug is gestegen tot $ 440, is ETH nog steeds met bijna 5% gedaald.

De daling van Ripple is vergelijkbaar op een 24-uursschaal en XRP heeft moeite om boven de $ 0,25 te blijven

Bitcoin Cash (-5%), Binance Coin (-4%), Chainlink (-8,5%), Polkadot (-8,5%), Cardano (-8%) en Litecoin (-7%) staan allemaal diep in het rood .

Zoals verwacht, vertoonden de altcoins met een lagere cap een nog hogere volatiliteit. Energy Web Token is met 12% gedaald, ABBC Coin (-11%), Solana (-10,5%), Compound (-10%), Algorand (-10%) en Ren (-10%) hebben allemaal dubbel verloren cijferpercentages.

Over het algemeen is de cumulatieve marktkapitalisatie van alle cryptocurrency-activa gedaald van $ 450 miljard naar $ 433 miljard. Bovendien toonde het slechts een paar uur geleden $ 423 miljard.


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  • A ação de preços do Bitcoin tem sido extremamente lenta nas últimas semanas. A principal moeda criptográfica tem sido negociada entre $10.000 e $11.000 há aproximadamente cinco semanas, quase não se desviando. Isto resultou em indicadores de volatilidade Bitcoin como a largura das Bandas Bollinger a cair drasticamente, para níveis não vistos desde junho/julho.
  • Em junho e julho, o criptográfico também ficou preso em uma faixa de $1.000, variando continuamente. Devido à compressão nestes mercados, os analistas têm estado no limite, argumentando que a próxima quebra determinará em que direção este mercado se moverá a médio prazo.
  • Os analistas atualmente têm uma visão mista de curto a médio prazo devido à incerteza regulatória e às preocupações com o estímulo fiscal. Em uma base de longo prazo, a maioria dos analistas continua em alta no Bitcoin.


A bitcoin tem estagnado em uma faixa de $1.000 ao longo das últimas cinco semanas, já que os investidores do mercado legado também se tornaram incertos. A moeda criptográfica mal se desviou da faixa de $10.000 a $11.000 que tem negociado, exceto por blips que se estenderam por algumas horas, no máximo.

Com a consolidação, o futuro a médio prazo da Bitcoin se tornou incerto. Abaixo do BTC encontram-se níveis de suporte macro cruciais, e acima da moeda estão as resistências que poderiam desencadear comícios maiores se fossem retomados como suporte.

Mohit Sorout, sócio fundador do fundo Bitcoin Bitazu Capital, diz que a próxima jogada provavelmente ditará a direcionalidade deste mercado durante as „próximas semanas“. Isto quer dizer que a próxima jogada multi-percentual da BTC é de extrema importância para os comerciantes e investidores acompanharem.

Ele compartilhou este gráfico abaixo em 7 de outubro, que mostra que um indicador de seu movimento mostra que um movimento abaixo de $10.100 ou um movimento acima de $11.200 é suscetível de desencadear uma expansão em qualquer direção em que se mova.

O gráfico também indica que, nas últimas semanas, o volume tem estado em declínio. Isto corrobora as expectativas de que a próxima fuga de grandes volumes será importante.


Os analistas têm opiniões mistas sobre o futuro a curto prazo da Bitcoin.

Uma razão pela qual os ursos têm a vantagem neste momento é que na terça-feira, o Presidente Donald Trump apresentou discussões de estímulo. Ele disse que o estímulo fiscal não deve ser discutido muito mais até depois das eleições. A eleição ocorrerá dentro de aproximadamente um mês a partir de agora.

As expectativas de outro projeto de lei de estímulo têm empurrado os mercados para cima nas últimas semanas. Portanto, a perda deste catalisador pode suprimir o lado positivo do mercado.

O S&P 500, o Bitcoin e o ouro escorregaram para baixo depois que esta notícia foi amplamente noticiada.

Multiplizieren Sie Ihre Bitcoins mit dieser Methode

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Multiplizieren Sie Ihre Bitcoins mit dieser Methode

Eine neue Plattform hat in letzter Zeit in der Krypto-Community Wellen geschlagen, indem sie darauf hinweist, dass Sie Ihre Bitcoin nahezu risikofrei für sich arbeiten lassen können.

ArbiSmart ist eine vollautomatische, von der EU lizenzierte Kryptoarbitrage-Plattform, die es Ihnen ermöglicht, Gelder in Fiat oder Krypto bei Bitcoin Rush einzuzahlen und dann mit Ihrem Tag weiterzumachen, während der fortschrittliche KI-basierte Algorithmus der Plattform Ihnen ein stetiges, zuverlässiges passives Einkommen verschafft.

Wie ist das möglich? Was ist, wenn der Bitcoin-Preis fällt?

Kryptoarbitrage gilt als eine der risikoärmsten Anlageformen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass im Gegensatz zum regulären digitalen Währungshandel bei der Kryptoarbitrage ein Szenario ausgenutzt wird, bei dem eine einzige Währung vorübergehend an mehreren Börsen gleichzeitig zu unterschiedlichen Preisen erhältlich sein kann.

Der allgemeine Kursverlauf von Bitcoin ist für die Fähigkeit der ArbiSmart-Plattform, Ihnen einen Gewinn zu erwirtschaften, irrelevant. Das automatisierte System kann mehrere Aufgaben gleichzeitig mit beispielloser Geschwindigkeit und Effizienz ausführen. Es scannt 35 verschiedene Börsen gleichzeitig, um eine Münze zu identifizieren, die kurzfristige Preisunterschiede aufweist. Das System kauft die Münze dort, wo sie zum niedrigsten verfügbaren Preis angeboten wird, und verkauft sie dann sofort an der Börse, wo sie zum höchsten verfügbaren Preis angeboten wird, um einen Gewinn zu erzielen, bevor die vorübergehende Preisdifferenz ausgeglichen wird.

Kann man ArbiSmart meine Ersparnisse anvertrauen?

Eines der wichtigsten Verkaufsargumente von ArbiSmart ist, dass das Unternehmen über eine EU-Lizenz verfügt. Als vollständig regulierter Finanzdienstleister erfüllt es strenge Anforderungen zum Schutz der Integrität von Kundenkonten. Es gibt eine obligatorische Aufsicht mit regelmäßiger externer Rechnungsprüfung sowie Sicherheitsvorkehrungen einschließlich eines Versicherungsfonds, der das gesamte Kundenkapital abdeckt, Anti-Geldwäsche- und ID-Überprüfungsverfahren sowie Sicherheitsprüfungen auf höchstem Niveau, Datenverschlüsselung und Sicherheitsprotokolle.

Darüber hinaus zeigt die leichte Zugänglichkeit des Supports, dass das Unternehmen die Rechenschaftspflicht gegenüber seinen Kunden bei Bitcoin Rush ernst nimmt. Plattformbenutzer können engagierten, persönlichen Support über mehrere Kanäle erhalten und müssen sich nicht mit einem geistlosen Chat-Bot herumschlagen.

Wenn es jedoch um einen neuen Kryptospieler geht, ist der wichtigste Test, was die Gemeinschaft denkt.

Was sagen die Leute über das Unternehmen?

Nun, wenn man sich Social-Media-Seiten wie Facebook, Telegram und Twitter ansieht, scheint es keine roten Fahnen zu geben, und das Feedback ist insgesamt sehr positiv. Das Unternehmen hat einen großartigen Ruf und einige ziemlich enthusiastische Kundenbewertungen.

Muss ich ein ganzes Jahr warten, um einen Gewinn zu sehen?

Die ArbiSmart-Plattform bietet jährliche Renditen zwischen 10,8% und 45%, je nach dem, welchen Betrag Sie einzahlen. Das Unternehmen legt den genauen Betrag, den Sie auf jeder Kontoebene erwarten können, sowohl auf jährlicher als auch auf monatlicher Basis fest.

Wenn Sie beispielsweise 25.000 € einzahlen, verdienen Sie 24 % pro Jahr, was einem passiven Einkommen von 6.000 € entspricht, und auf monatlicher Basis verdienen Sie 2 %, was 500 € entspricht. Die Gewinne werden täglich verdient und können jederzeit in Bitcoin Ethereum oder Euro abgehoben werden. Das Geld, das Sie erhalten, wird also bis zum genauen Tag der Auszahlung berechnet.

Wskazówki dotyczące akcji MicroStrategy dla firm kopiujących swoją strategię Bitcoin

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Myślisz o kupnie 425 milionów dolarów w Bitcoin? MicroStrategy zebrała pewne zasoby, które według niej powinieneś przeczytać.

W skrócie

  • MicroStrategy kupiła Bitcoin za 425 milionów dolarów, co czyni go głównym składnikiem aktywów rezerwowych.
  • Firma technologiczna stworzyła teraz zasoby dla firm rozważających zakup Bitcoinu.
  • Większość zasobów odnosi się do decyzji MicroStrategy o zakupie Bitcoinu.

Michael Saylor, dyrektor generalny MicroStrategy, kupił Bitcoin za 425 milionów dolarów we wrześniu i sierpniu w czasie tegorocznej rundy byków. Zakup oznaczał, że firma technologiczna o wartości miliarda dolarów, licząca się jako BlackRock, Vanguard i jeden z największych na świecie funduszy emerytalnych jako inwestorzy, posiada obecnie większość swoich aktywów rezerwowych w Bitcoin.

Dziś Saylor wydał „kuratela zasobów“ przygotowana przez firmę, przeznaczona dla „każdej firmy lub inwestora, który uważa Bitcoin za skarbowy środek rezerwowy“.

Zasoby te obejmują „niektóre z materiałów referencyjnych, na których oparliśmy się przy podejmowaniu decyzji“, powiedział dziś na tweetrze.

Większość z nich to wywiady z samym Saylorem lub artykuły na temat decyzji MicroStrategy o zakupie Bitcoinu. Wyróżnia się występ Saylora w The Pomp Podcast, którego gospodarzem jest wpływowiec Bitcoin System Anthony Pompliano, a także różne artykuły napisane na jego temat.

Główną radą Saylora dla inwestorów wydaje się więc być obserwowanie go w akcji i, przypuszczalnie, robienie tego samego.

Inne źródła to „Internet pieniędzy“, zbiór rozmów adwokata Bitcoina Andreasa Antonoplousa, a także link do jednej z takich rozmów.

Jest też biała księga dla Bitcoina, a także lista lektur, której kuratorem jest Instytut Satoshi Nakamoto i która rekomenduje artykuły sięgające lat 70.

Firmy inwestujące w Bitcoin dobrze by było, gdyby wzięły do ręki artykuł naukowy z 1978 roku, „A Method for Obtaining Digital Signature and Public-Key Cryptosystems“, który wydaje się sugerować źródło MicroStrategy.

To, i Lyn Alden „3 powody, dla których inwestuję w Bitcoin“ lub Vijay Boyapati „The Bullish Case for Bitcoin“.

Te zasoby pobudziły Saylora i MicroStrategy do masowego zakupu Bitcoina. Aby sprawdzić, czy są one dobre, warto będzie mieć oko na wyniki MicroStrategy.

Boringdao zyskuje 1,4 miliona dolarów: tokenizowany most BTC w ramach projektu wspierany przez 200% zabezpieczenia

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Do zdecentralizowanego ekosystemu finansowego (defi) trafia nowy projekt tokenizowanych bitcoinów, który niedawno otrzymał 1,4 miliona dolarów od inwestorów blockchain.

Projekt o nazwie Boringdao, zdecentralizowany pomost między Ethereum i alternatywnymi łańcuchami bloków, planuje uruchomić w tym miesiącu tunel bBTC firmy, aby wprowadzić kolejny tokenizowany bitcoin

8 października 2020 r.w ramach projektu Boringdao ogłoszono, że firma zebrała 1,45 miliona dolarów od wielu inwestorów. Strona internetowa Boringdao mówi, że projekt jest pomostem między różnymi blockchainami i Ethereum. „Oferujemy możliwość maksymalizacji użyteczności i generowania zysków aktywów spoza ERC20” – zauważa portal internetowy startupu.

Zasadniczo Boringdao chce tokenizować wszystkie światowe aktywa, aw tym miesiącu projekt ma na celu wdrożenie tunelu bBTC. Token bBTC będzie tokenizowanym zasobem bitcoinowym ( BTC ) podobnym do renBTC, WBTC i innych projektów połączonych z Ethereum.

W tym miesiącu firma ogłosiła, że zebrała 1,4 miliona dolarów od inwestorów, takich jak Puzzle Ventures, Snapfingers, Hashkey, SNZ, Youbi i inni

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„Boringdao wystartuje w październiku i uruchomi tunel bBTC obsługujący BTC, który ma zostać wybity w bBTC w ramach modelu podwójnego zastawu, który zapewni najwyższy poziom bezpieczeństwa aktywów w porównaniu z innymi opakowanymi rozwiązaniami BTC na rynku” – poinformowała firma szczegółowo w czwartek. Mechanizm podwójnego zastawu został również opisany w poście na blogu firmy opublikowanym tego samego dnia.

„Każdy bitcoin jest zabezpieczony przez ponad 200% aktywów, w tym jeden prawdziwy Bitcoin (wiele renomowanych instytucji zarządza Multi-sig)” – wyjaśnia deweloperzy Boringdao. „W przybliżeniu równoważna wartość aktywów ERC-20 jest zablokowana w warstwie kontraktowej (zarządzanej przez inteligentne kontrakty). Nie ma wątpliwości, że 200%> 100%, więc bBTC powinno być dużo bezpieczniejsze. ”

Bitcoin price could reach $9,100 if volume and price activity remain stable

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The decrease in volume and the side action of prices indicate that the volatility of Bitcoin prices will soon increase.

The markets haven’t had much movement over the last 2 months, as the Bitcoin price (BTC) has remained in the range of $10,200 to $11,000. In the last few days, the range has narrowed even more, leading some traders to forecast a breakout.

However, the Bitcoin Blueprint price hasn’t shown any direction, while the altcoins have taken a downward slope. Most markets suffered massive corrections and this isn’t a strong signal to the overall market.
Bitcoin Price Still Stuck in a Lateral Range

BTC/USD 1-day chart

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The Bitcoin daily chart shows the continuation of the limited range construction that began after the price fell below the crucial barrier by $11,200 – 11,400.

As long as the Bitcoin price remains below this resistance zone, it’s unlikely that a strong upward movement will be expected. However, the Bitcoin price is reaching a high as the volatility is running out.

Once the volatility begins to disappear, the volume also falls, resulting in a very volatile movement.

Bitcoin 7 day volatility index

Despite all the negativity that surrounds the crypto market recently, Bitcoin’s volatility has been decreasing. Even after the KuCoin hack, BitMEX was sued and the FCA banned crypto-derivative trading, the price of Bitcoin didn’t react negatively.

In fact, Bitcoin’s price stabilized in its most recent moves, which isn’t a sign of weakness. Also, the documented rise in new directions suggests that a possible upward movement is waiting to happen.

However, will such a move take place in the markets or will it only take place with the price of Bitcoin?

A correction had to be made after the massive increases in several cryptosystems in all areas. The question is whether this correction is finished or whether more corrections are expected.
The total capitalization of the crypt market hangs between the key levels

Total crypto market cap 1-day chart

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As the price of Bitcoin fluctuates between levels, so does the total market capitalization of the entire industry. What the chart shows is a clear breakdown of support, after which it has ranged from $307 to $338 billion.

As with Bitcoin’s movements, there’s no clear direction in the short term. Since Bitcoin’s momentum towards $12.4 billion, the price of Bitcoin has been on a downward trend. However, since the massive crash in March, the trend has been upward.

In that sense, a possible lower Bitcoin confirmation in the $9,000 region would still warrant an upward perspective, as it’s a higher minimum within a massive uptrend.

Total crypto market cap 1-week chart

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Obviously, the crypto markets are not reflecting the same euphoria that was seen in 2017, and that is perfectly normal. The formation of a bullish cycle takes a substantial amount of time before a climax can occur.

Regardless, total market capitalization was rejected at the $380 billion resistance level. A new test of the $255 to $280 billion areas is a very likely scenario, which would lead to a confirmation of the 100 and 200 week moving averages as well.
A potential scenario for Bitcoin

BTC/USD 1-day chart

The price of Bitcoin continues to act below the resistance and loses momentum as the volume runs out. Since the trend is downward from $12,400, it’s more than likely that a collapse will occur. That would mean a rejection of the $11,200 – $11,400 area.

However, if the Bitcoin price is able to break this resistance, new highs are on the horizon as the main bullish pivot is broken.

In the case of a reversal, the most likely support levels to be seen are in the $9,500-$9,800 and $8,800-$9,100 regions.

If an additional correction occurs towards these regions, you will probably anticipate that the correction is over. Once this is the case, 2021 could be a very optimistic year for the entire cryptcoin market.

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