Opinion: Bitcoin is an insurance policy that allows you to sleep peacefully at night.

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Bitcoin remains a risk hedging instrument for the traditional financial system and does not correlate with ordinary assets, said Chamat Palihapitiya, founder of venture capital firm Social Capital.

In an interview with CNBC he urged not to dwell on the short-term dynamics of Bitcoin Italien Formula, but noted that his beliefs run counter to the attitudes that govern the modern world.

The Palihapitia once again reminded that 1% of each investment portfolio should be made up of Bitcoin.

„It is an insurance policy that I use to sleep at night in case the central banks and the world authorities blow up on a mine,“ said the founder of Social Capital.

In his opinion, it is the ‚explosion‘ of the traditional financial world that will trigger the sharp rise in bitcoin. If this happens, the cryptovolta will ensure a redistribution of opportunities.

„Finance will be available to billions and billions of people. This is a factor that should make you proud and delighted,“ said Palihapitiya.

Recall that earlier the founder of Social Capital stated that Bitcoin is the best illustration of the „asset of the winner“.

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